More often than not, life is smooth; our health is good, finances secure, family safe etc. And just when you are getting comfortable on this smooth road, something happens and you are plucked from it and set on a thorny path. It  might be an acute illness, sudden financial ruin, death of a loved one etc. In the midst of it all, it easy to become bitter, shake your fist at God and feel justified in doing so. However, a more noble choice would be to be grateful.

I have been recently reminded of this in the usual way. I was about my business when I fell ill. Nothing serious so do not get worried and all worked up. Just a cold (but if you know most men’s temperament, catching a cold is really serious!). Hence, I was forced to slow down a little bit. Knock on that doctor’s door. I can complain, get peevish at the slightest inconveniences. Nonetheless,  I choose to be grateful. Grateful that I can still continue with my work albeit at a slower pace. Grateful that I can still play with my daughter though not for long lest she gets it too. Grateful-eternally grateful-of being reminded of my human frailty and consequently, of God’s power to heal and restore.

Yep! Gratitude is a choice we make. Life happens to us. There is nothing we can do to alter its course. However, how we respond is entirely our ball to play. We can choose to sulk and complain or be grateful and experience God’s joy. I choose the latter. I hope you do too.


3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Nice article ,truly gratitude to God should be our lifestyle.
    we take many things for granted ,only to realize the true worth of God when we find ourselves deprived of the things that we are “used to”.

    thank you Bro.


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