My 2015 Favourite Movies

The ‘race’ word has been thrown around much in this year’s Oscars. While I can understand where those who chose to boycott the awards are coming from, I simply cannot understand why some movies missed out this year. Hence, I have decided to list the movies I really enjoyed for the year 2015. Some  such as Mad Max and Bridge of Spies made it to the enviable list but most did not. It may be inconsequential to the world at large but these movies were worth my while every Friday night.

10. Mad Max: Fury Road

Although I am not much into action movies, I happened upon Mad Max and I was hooked from start to finish. The action was not senseless and barbaric, there was a storyline, however simple and the imagery was surreal.


5. The Martian

Matt Damon and Chiwetel Ejoifor? A botanist in space? Oh, and making water from the elements? What was there not to love? This was one of the best feel-good movies I watched last year.

6. 45 Years

I looked for a word to describe this movie and all I could think of was sublime. The acting was superb; the tempo just right and the central them-regret-played throughout the movie.


7. Mr Holmes

I am not quite sure what endeared me to Mr Holmes, an old man and a boy as the protagonists or the many insights into human nature seen here and there. All in all, I enjoyed this one and would not mind watching it again.


6. Concussion

The Kenyan in me liked the fact that Nairobi is mentioned in the movie albeit once or twice. Nonetheless, If a black man was to be nominated for an Oscar, it would not have been Idris Elba for his role as a war lord in Beast of No Nation. It would be Will Smith for his role as a pathologist in Concussion-I cannot recall a single moment in the movie when his eyes were not moist.’Tell the truth. Tell the truth’ remains with you long after you have finished watching. I am not saying that emotion for its own sake is worth meriting with an Oscar but Will Smith indeed does justice to true stories.One taint in Concussion though- I do  not understand how a priest can ask a single man to house a single girl in the name of helping her settle down.

5. Woman in gold

How far would you go in pursuit of justice? This movie was all about a dogged determination of a fledgling lawyer to return a painting in the hands of the Austrian government to its rightful owner; definitely worth watching.



4. Suffragette

Ever since Calvary, I have held a soft spot for Brendan Gleeson. Herein, he acts as a police inspector mandated with quelling a riotous group of women agitating for their right to vote. Meryl Streep appears here and there but it is the courage of a few women that gives the movie an edge. Their sacrifice, even to the point of death, was something to behold.

3. Bridge of Spies

This is Tom Hanks at his best. An unflinching lawyer with great foresight, unappreciated at the time of defending a Soviet spy but much applauded after a while. ‘A standing man’ he was; very inspiring.


2. Brooklyn

Perhaps it is the story of all American immigrants. The land of opportunity beckons, a love is struck, tragedy hits back home, one returns…and is torn between going back to America or staying. No matter, this was a story beautifully told.

1.In the Heart of the Sea

I have often quoted Moby Dick in my writing. Hence, I looked forward to its adaptation with much anticipation. I was not disappointed. Perhaps because it was Brendan Gleeson that acted as the Older Ishmael that made it my number one 2015 movie or the rivalry between Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne that was subtly captured in the movie. Whichever the case, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would not mind watching it again and again.





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