Mukimo is a lazy and bad food, period.

The Deal

I will not even mince my words here: Mukimo is the worst Kenyan food. It does not matter how many Kikuyu friends I have. It doesn’t matter if they have the presidency. It doesn’t matter if they hold key positions in the government, military and everywhere where the politically inclined tend to pick bones with them. I don’t care the stereotypes about their men and women.

For me, my beef with Kikuyus will always be about their lazy approach to preparing food. Kikuyu are some of the laziest, least creative people when it comes to food matters. Some of their other lazy inventions include tumbukiza: Simply you cut 2 kilograms of beef steak, deep it in salted water and let it boil, boil,boil, booooooooil. At some point bring a 2 kilogram cabbage or 20 leaves of uncut spinach and throw in. Serve while hot…

This is a joke. Not…

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Words of wisdom from good ol’ Joe

The journey Together

The mechanic is the guy who fixes stuff, his work revolves around issues that others can’t easily sort out hence they are called upon to make things work. In the normal world a mechanic is paid for all his services and so the comfort of doing what he does because it feeds him and also there is the satisfaction of getting stuff fixed. In the social setting a mechanic is the person you call when you are in a fix, when you are broke, when relationships are on the rock, when you have been arrested when everyone seems not to care, when you just need it fixed.

The Mechanic picA mechanic does not need to have close friendship with what he fixes, he just fixes it. We don’t always call the mechanics just to chat or know what’s going on in their lives , we don’t usually know if they have issues…

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