39 Days to Joire de Vivre

More often than not, the road to happiness is filled with broken stones and briers. However, relief is found along the road albeit momentarily. In my love life, this fact has been self-evident.

While there were times when I was the victim of a broken heart, it is also true that in some instances, I was the perpetrator. A sober judgement of self reveals that the former was the norm rather than the exception. When one has been down that rabbit hole numerous times, it is prudent to take some time off the dating scene. I arrived at this decision in my second year at campus and endeavoured that this status quo shall be maintained till the end of my undergraduate education. I do admit though that there were several beautiful ladies along the way that threatened to disrupt this situation; as much as my mind was stilled, my heart still fluttered.

Whoever quipped that the heart has its reasons that reason knows not was spot on. It wasn’t long before that special one came along. And with that simple phrase-good to go-the journey began (read how love-kindled-in-a-bus). Now, I am about to join my winged kindred such as the crane and eagle who cling exclusively to one mate for life.


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