Understanding women


There are days when I wish I could be a neurosurgeon. Many share this ambition but the source of my ambition is intricately different. It is not money, passion, scientific curiosity, or even a worthy challenge. It is to understand women.
Women are a species shrouded in mystery. Whoever sets on a journey to decipher what saunters in their mental faculties faces a most daunting task to. He would need the thick skin of a rhino and the strong constitution of an ox in order to survive the rarely charted waters of understanding women. I believe no man has, and those who think they have, are the most deceived. Perhaps, we were never meant to figure them out. Perhaps, we were wired for the chase; always hunting, never killing. And if, like most men, you think a kill means a randevúbetween the sheets. I think you are dead wrong. There is much more to this species than the canyon down under. Men perceive themselves the stronger sex, yet most cannot persevere half of what women go through. Men think they are ahead of the game, yet women, almost invariably, are ten steps ahead of them. Men think they are the more suave, yet a woman’s hold on a man is achieved in the most subtle of manners. Yes, I am intrigued by them, sometimes infuriated, but often intrigued.
This is why I am making it my lifelong ambition to understand women in all ways. Life would be so much simpler when I do. My hair may turn grey before its time, wrinkles may spread across my face, my laughter may turn into a groan, my back may bend some more but my discoveries will go down in the annals of human history. When I tread the verge of Jordan and I cross into worlds unknown, I will look down and smile upon reading the words on my epitaph… 
             “Here lies the first man who unravelled the mystery that is woman

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