7th Anniversary

The years gone by tell a lot of the years to come. Such is the conviction in mine heart after 7 years in salvation-10thJuly is the date to be exact. As I look back over my shoulders, I see a God who is relentless in His pursuit of me. The times when my heart was prone to wander, He was there. The times when I wanted to throw in the towel, He was there. The times under that dark cloud of guilt and shame that I dared not venture into His presence, He was there. The times when I envied the wicked and their lavish ways, He was there. The times when the road ahead was marked with uncertainty that I felt like a blind man groping along in a dark alley, He was there. Seven years on and I have not quite figured Him all out but the little I know, He is here.
Maybe, trying to figure Him out is a futile pursuit. Maybe, He cannot be all figured out. Why then does He dare us to try and do so? Me thinks that therein lies the greatest of happiness. To borrow a worldly phrase “the thrill is in the chase”. Then when we almost give up in this chase, He reveals a lil’ tiny weeny bit o’ Himself. We become so enthralled by this slice of revelation that we want the whole loaf. We pick up our silly selves, plant our wandering feet in the narrow way, fix our gaze up yonder and continue in our pursuit of Him. 
Then there are those times when we are doing so well in this pursuit. We let down our guards and that monster that usually comes before a fall creeps in-Pride. We compare ourselves to the other wretched worms in this pursuit and deem ourselves superior. “I have been doing this for __ years”, we deceive ourselves. Soon we find ourselves mired and we cannot wiggle out of it. Then, He, the ever gracious and compassionate one, extends a hand. We grab it and find ourselves free. It is then that it dawns on us that He has been the one chasing us all along. The times when we think we are ahead of the game, He is miles and miles ahead. Then we are humbled.
Seven years on, I am in awe of Him who gave His all that I may be truly His.