I am Grateful

Gratitude is a discipline that is seldom practised. In the few occasions that we do, gratitude is usually prompted by near death experiences that jolt us into appreciating life; from the lofty out-of-this-world experiences right down to the mundane routine tasks. However, it has come to my realisation that we are a blessed lot. Hereby, “we” refer to “God’s Children, born not out of human will but God’s”. I am not ignorant of the fact that the sufferings that plague humanity do not pass by us. In fact, it is the dearest of God’s children who seem to go through the most suffering. To the ignorant world, it may seem that the God they love has forsaken them. Yet, it is at such times of suffering that they feel His presence ever near. It is at such times that classic stories such as “foot prints in the sand” are called to memory. It is at such times that scriptures read casually of Emmanuel, “God with Us” come alive. It is at such momentous times in their lives that they exhibit such deep peace that stupefies the world and confounds the wise. At that precise point in time, these children become instruments of immense proportions. They may not know it. Understandably, suffering may cloud their judgment yet their faith remains steadfast. God enables it so. In a paradoxical manner, their sonorous and angelic voices become as soothing as ever, trees of life that bring healing whenever and wherever they sound. Their demeanour attracts the scum of the earth such that these dregs of the society are at home with God’s children yet are pointed to a higher home-one whose architect and builder is God. Their eyes gaze lovingly into those whose laughter betrays an aching heart; eyes glistened with emotion, they offer a shoulder to lean on and a soul that groped in the dark suddenly comes to light. Yes, these heavenly tasks are carried out in utmost humility and in the most self-effacing manner. And yes, these dear suffering souls are the most grateful to their God.
I cannot claim to have suffered. Nay, considering the kind of sufferings other people have gone through, I have no inkling what suffering is all about. However, I can claim I have a lot to be grateful about. That claim is delightfully true…

     I am grateful that I once was blind but now I see,
    I am grateful that I once was lost but now am found,
    I am grateful that one day my saviour I will see,
   And to Him  I will be blissfully and eternally bound

  I am grateful that one step before me lies,                            
                         I am grateful that it is all I need to see,                             
                         I am grateful that in Him, sorrow away flies,                            
                         And my soul rests as the serene sea.                            
                         I am grateful that He keeps my tummy full,                            
                         I am grateful that to this end, He never fails,                            
                         I am grateful that I am grateful,                            
                        And when I am not, His grace gently prevails.

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