The Grander Ambition

Of all the human ambitions, none is grander than knowing God. On January 7th 1855, C.H. Spurgeon, at a tender age of twenty years said, “There is something exceedingly improving to the mind in a contemplation of the Divinity. It is a subject so vast, that all our thoughts are lost in its immensity; so deep that our pride is drowned in its infinity.” A century and a half later, his words ring truer than ever before. Looking back in history, the men and women who have shaped the events of this world have had to grapple with the concept of a higher being. Some may have not liked it, the notion that their lives were beyond their control was loathsome. Didn’t Stalin in his death bed shake his fist towards the heavens in anger towards God? Didn’t Hitler, filled with hatred for God, seek to annihilate the Jews in what he deemed as “the last solution”? On the other hand, some embraced this inadequacy, realising that they are but finite mortal beings whose timings and occurrences in their dear lives are in the hands of God. They went ahead and made great strides in their endeavours. One has to only mention the names Lincoln, Wilberforce, Luther, Luther King, Shakespeare, Bunyan, Dante, Dickens…and their faith comes to the fore. Hence, judging from history, it is a safe to assume that greatness is borne out of knowing God, or at least making an effort to know God. It is therefore an oxymoron of sorts, to pursue greatness in whichever arena, without God in the frontline. It is a futile attempt that can only end in anarchy, tyranny, insanity, fleeting glory or worse- premature and empty death of the pursuant. This premise, without doubt, flies straight in the face of atheists, humanists, naturalists, existentialists and all other “ists”. They believe that life revolves around them, that they are the centre of the universe. This is why the Ten Commandments are too much for Ted Turner, the humanist with a Capital H. He would rather have the ten voluntary suggestions. How absurd! Then we have Richard Dawkins, the evolution biologist who finds the idea of God utterly repulsive. Any individual with an inkling of mortal fear would shudder at his godless writings. I believe Malcolm Muggeridge must have had persons such as Dawkins and Turner in mind when he soberly uttered, “We have educated ourselves into imbecility!” It is not my intention to belittle the human intelligence. Neither is it my intention to pour cold water on human ambition. However, it is my intention to elucidate the vanity of ambition- intelligent or not-without Deity. It is like a ship without a rudder. Nay, it is like a rudderless ship without a captain and its crew members ignorant on the use of a light tower. It does not need a rocket scientist to tell that such a ship shall crash in the hidden rocks; land on hostile shores; never come to port or if by the mercies of God it does, then in utter ruins, loss of life or injury to its crew members. It is only a fool who would board such a ship at the harbour and gaily wave to loved ones upon its departure. I pray, dear reader, that you are not such a person and do not intend on becoming one.


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