Miaka Sita!

There are some people who are not sure when their Christian journey began. All they know is that they stopped swearing, engaging in old sinful habits and had that deep-seated assurance that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour of their lives. On the other hand, there are those who clearly remember their first step in faith. They remember the prayers they made, the tears they cried and the unspeakable joy that bubbled within them as they received Jesus in their lives. I am of the latter kind. I remember it like it was yesterday. The memories of that Sunday, 10th July, 2005, are forever etched in my heart. There was no indication that the events of that day would forever change my life. It started out like any other but ended in a most blissful manner. I was in St. Lawrence High School, Kampala doing my A-levels. Two events were up for the attendance; The Mock Debate and a music concert dubbed “Jesus festival”. One had to be senile to miss the former. It had all the ingredients that a 22 year old male student could be looking for; girls, music and above all, a chance to get out of school. Indeed one had to be senile…or in search of answers. I had some questions that needed answering like, “how comes trouble seems to follow me everywhere?” I went to Uganda because my life in Eldoret was plagued with drinking, clubbing, never-ending family quarrels, discipline cases in school…the list was endless. However, even in Uganda, it was the same old story- Evans this or Evans that. I was caught up in a web of dramas and I did not have the slightest inkling of how I could disentangle myself. I needed change but where or to whom does one go to when in need of it? I did not know the answer to this question but somehow I knew I would find it in the music concert. Hence, it is with a troubled heart that I boarded that van that would snake its way to the concert. I did not mind much that I was the only one aboard who adorned trousers. I needed answers. Besides, their sweet angelic voices in song were, oh, so soothing. It was a rare treat to one used to hearing blaring noise in clubs in the name of music. Now this was music. It sounded right. It felt right. Above all, it prompted one to think of life hereafter. I thought a lot.
We alighted from the van and couldn’t help dancing to the music that was already underway. It wasn’t long before the preacher stepped on stage to wind things up. Time flies so fast when you are having fun. Gerald (the preacher) told the story of a cripple who was invited to dine with King David. I cannot quite recall all he said that afternoon but this I do-the cripple remained a cripple even though he was in the King’s presence. Gerald then went on to elaborate how some people have been in God’s presence since childhood but are still crippled with sin. I drifted off and reminisced about home. I grew up in a Christian home. We went to church on Sunday morning and recited our prayers every other evening. During school holidays, my mother ensured that we attended Vacation Bible School (VBS). They were fun but didn’t hold much meaning to me then. My father steered clear of such matters. My guess is he didn’t know how to go about them. Asking him to thank God for a hot meal was torturous. The struggle within him was evident by the look on his face-a blank stare. Mother would save him by asking one of us to pray. That said and done, I know someday he will surrender his life to the Lord-like I did when Gerald made the altar call. I had tried everything else. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Hence, on that beach in the outskirts of Kampala, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour. No sparks flew about. No home-coming party was held in my honour (at least not here on earth). However, this one thing I was certain of-that I had found what mine heart yearned for-peace; the kind that comes from above and confounds the minds of mere mortals.
It has now been six years since I was found by Him. As each day draws to an end, I realize how much I have changed. I long to be in solitude and silence, that I may know Him more intimately. Before, I didn’t know what those two words meant. Above all, I realize how gifted I am and I long to serve Him in every way.


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