4 years old!!

I wrote the following article on 10th July,2008. This was after taking the afternoon off on KK beach in Kampala, Uganda. Share this joy with me.
I went to K.K beach yesterday.I don’t know what the initials stand for. Kikumi Kikumi, Kitu Kidogo, Kuku Kubwa…I don’t know but I was there. Yes, that’s right. It was a thursday. Not exactly the kind of day you would choose for hanging out. But this thursday was a special one for me.It was here at K.K beach that I met the Lover of my soul or was it Him who met me? This was the 4th anniversary of my salvation. You can call it Holy Thursday. So there I was sitting under a lonely palm tree (it really needed my company) ;looking at all the kids playing, insects flying low, white seagulls picking their daily bread from the vast grains of sand, two young boys trying to fish…the place was buzzing with life! Just like it was 4 years back.

What I have learnt in 4 years, I couldn’t get from the world in a thousand years. It is true that one day in His house is like a thousand elsewhere. Ask me about it. ‘Ave been in it for four years. No regrets whatsoever.

There are days when I didn’t enjoy my salvation much. This was beacause I was living a double life;spending the day with God and going out at night with the devil. My life was a wreck back then. A sweet young lady during such times once described me as,
“the guy who smells like a brewery at 11 am in the morning”

Those words cut through my heart. I knew they were true and I knew I had to go back into the loving arms of the Father. So on 10th April, 2005 I did. It was on the same day that I got baptised too. Since then, its been intimacy, beauty and adventure.

The legandary comedian Bill Cosby in one of his stand-ups,once told the story of a young lad in a passenger flight. The kid kept disturbing the passengers and no matter how much the mother tried to stop him, he still kept at it. This was what he was telling the passengers on board,

“Hi? My name is Jeffery and am 4
was 3 yesterday but now am 4.”

There are still areas of my life that need some finishing. I ain’t a finished product yet. So some days He takes me back to the Potter’s wheel. It is painful but the sweet fellowship that follows thereafter takes away all the memory of the pain. I guess that is how a loving Father deals with the wayward child. The future is bright! There are still places to go, people to talk to and many more lessons to be learnt. After all…

“Hi? My name is Toro and am 4
was 3 yesterday but now am 4.”

I love you all!


2 thoughts on “4 years old!!

  1. i can hardly imagine you 'smelling like breweries' for you have been a pleasing aroma of Christ to those who are being saved and to those who are perishing…( 2nd cor2:14-17). may he cause you to grow deeper in him all the way…


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