The Heart of a Child

One of the joys of general cleaning (usually done annually by men) is stumbling across the things of old that draw a smile across your face. In carrying out this annual event I came across this article that I wrote towards the end of my 1st year in campus. Reading through it, I couldn’t help laugh at myself. As the old adage goes, a joy shared is a double delight. Hence I have chosen to present to you dear reader, this article in its original form. Although the temptation to edit it was enormous, I didn’t yield in. I hope that you will be able to thank God that I didn’t.

The Heart of a Child

If there is anything sweeter than a goodnight sleep, it is child hood memories. Those days when you were a kid and with no care in the world. You didn’t have to worry about what you wear, where your next meal is going to come from or where you are going to sleep tonight. All that was on your mind was play and more play. No more. No less. Of course there were bitter moments like being spanked for licking sugar, breaking a window, climbing too tall trees…but these were quickly forgotten. Those were the days. However, time moves on so very fast and before you know it, you are all grown up with lots of responsibilities and life issues in your hands. Before long you are worn out, tired and entangled in a web of life cares.
In spite of all these, God reveals to us instances that remind us of our childhood. Allow me to share one that He brought my way. My younger brother (currently in form 2) has a picture which was taken when he was 1 year old. You should see the kid in that picture. Chubby cheeks, a big smile that reveals 4 well-spaced teeth and so very curdly. I love that old picture. However, like so many people out there, he outgrew the picture. All that is left of it is a young man who needs some direction in life. But that is my instance. You have yours too. It may be the chuckle of a child or primary school kids at break. It may be the sight of a naughty little boy climbing a tree or children singing nursery rhymes. It may be children gathered at the feet of their grandmother listening to the “once upon a times”. At this point I am sure you are wondering where are we going with all this children business? Well, let’s take it home.
Somewhere along the hard-line of life, we long to be like a child again; to be young at heart and free from all the cares of this world. However, we do not know how. We do not know anyone who can give us this “rest” that we so much crave for. We become lonesome wanderers searching for our own true identities in all the wrong places…and people too. We hold out our right hands hoping that someone would catch it and pull us out of the pits that we dug ourselves in. That is the bad news but there is good news and a way out.
We have a Father who loves and cares for us very much. So much that He sent His one and only son to redeem us from the pits that our sinful nature dug. Because of these “pits”, we were at one time objects of wrath to the Father. However, by believing in the son, he gives us the right to become His children. Children who partake of His joy, mercy and love each and every day. This son is called Jesus. He calls out to all those who are weak and heavily laden and gives them rest. He is giving you a chance to relive those sweet childhood memories. Maybe you have taken this chance and are experiencing fullness of life in Him. Maybe you haven’t and your heart is craving to be like a child’s again. If I were you I would take this chance. God bless you my friend.


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